• ​​I believe each business has a story to tell.

  • A website can be used to tell your story.   

  • Who are you?

  • What do you sell! 

  • What service do you offer or​ would you like to offer?



  • Why is your business important?

  • What do you care about and what is your vision?


                                                                    NancyTerry.biz      ​Horse Sense Enterprises      

​                                              Salt Point, NY  12578       845-559-3636     nmarshterry@gmail.com

Salt Point, NY  12578

845-559-3636         nmarshterry@gmail.com

NancyTerry.biz   HorseSense Enterprises

My goal is to design websites for my clients that will make people sit up and take notice of you!

​​Many people who own their own business are busy with the day to day operations of their business and do not have the time or resources to spend on maintaining a website, email and online social media - All of which help grow business.

My goal is to produce creative websites - at a reasonable cost - that will tell the story of your business in a way that will encourage others to join you .  My aim is to also make it easy for others to find you and to become aware of the services and events you may offer.

Pictures or images can make a site more appealing and give the viewer a better idea of who you are and what you offer.

If you would like to discuss more ideas, please email or call me.